Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Target Up&Up Makeup remover cleansing Towelettes

First of, I was looking for a makeup remover that is affordable because one, huggies wipes are too harsh and scratchy for around my eyes and pampers does nothing to take off my makeup but make it smear everywhere. THIS IS A MUST HAVE, in my opinion. It says that it is comparable to Ponds clean sweep, but I have not tried that yet. I've only tried neutrogena and let me tell you, it is comparable to that also! It takes off my whole makeup in just one towelette, I use one side for my eye makeup and the other for my face. There is one quilted side and one plain soft side, the quilted side i use for my eyes just because i think that it will grab hold of the mascara etc and take it off. :) I recommend this to anyone no doubt about it. I have normal to dry skin only around my mouth area. It does though make my skin a bit dry afterwards so i do rinse my face with water and then put moisturizer on afterwards!